Frequently Asked Questions is an Amazon price tracker. Create price drop alerts for the items you want, we will notify you when the price reaches your target. ↑Top
It's very easy to use Search or browse to find your product, input your target prices and Email, when the price reaches your target, we will send you an Email about it. ↑Top supports tracking products at Amazon US, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. We are working to support more locales. Including 3 price types: Amazon, 3rd Party New and 3rd Party Used. ↑Top
Yes, you can track any way you like, just leave blank for the price type(s) you don't need, that's it!
No, you don't have to register to begin tracking, but it will be much easier for registered users to manage their trackers, target prices, alert settings, with much more benefits. ↑Top
We will send Emails to help user activate their accounts or trackers, sometimes the Email may be blocked by your Email provider, if so please find in your "Spam" filter and make sure to add our name/domain to your trusted list.
If you still can't activate your account or tracker, send us an Email and tell us, we will process it soon. ↑Top
If you want to delete one price type of a tracking, while keeping the tracking, you can simply leave blank to that price type, and update. The blank price type will be deleted. But you should have at least one price for Amazon, 3rd party new or 3rd party used. You may delete the tracking if you don't need any one. ↑Top
By default, once the drop alert sent, we will not send you Emails regarding the future price drops to that price type of the product. If you wish to continue tracking, you can enter new target price and update, the tracker will be activated again. ↑Top
At your account page, update tracker price to activate your tracker again.
Update tracker
We are trying to send you alert as soon as we detect it, but due to the delay you get or read the mail, Amazon may have changed their price during that. We're always trying to inform you at the first time, but please verify the price on Amazon before buying. ↑Top
If you need more help, please contact us here. ↑Top